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What is programming?

Programming - development of computer control programs to solve various information problems. Professionals who are professionally engaged in programming are called programmers. For programming there are a variety of programming languages.

Programming languages

Helperbyte about Programming

A programming language is a fixed notation for describing algorithms and data structures.

Programming is based on the use of programming languages in which instructions are written for a computer. A modern application contains many such instructions related to each other.

Which programming language to choose?

Now, the most important question: so what programming language should a newbie in the field of IT choose?

First of all, it all depends on what you want to learn:

  • I would like to develop websites
    With this direction is not so simple. There is FrontEnd website development - that's all you see on the screen. Creation of web pages, programs for them, styles and much more. In this case, you should pay attention to JavaScript and HTML & CSS. And there is a BackEnd- the development of programs directly for servers - those algorithms, which, strictly speaking, will manage the pages, the site and others. Everything is a bit more complicated here, as a good selection from Python, Java, C#, and PHP immediately appears. Each of these languages ​​has both a series of merit and a set of overt flaws.
  • Desktop applications for PC
    Here, the undisputed leaders are such popular languages as Java and C #. On the one hand, learning Java is somewhat simpler and faster than C #, on the other hand, the set of features that C # can boast of is much higher.
  • Databases
    Well, everything is clear: you should start with SQL! Administration, work with relational databases and so on, which is so necessary in the modern IT-world. Here you can consider the entry into the query language.
  • Games Development (Gamedev)
    Gamers do not become, they are born. Enjoying modern gaming industry products and would you like to bring something into this fascinating virtual world? Then, definitely, you should pay attention to C++.

Code Editors

Helperbyte about Code Editors

The text editor of the programming environment can have specific functionality, such as indexing names, displaying documentation, syntax highlighting, and tools for visually creating a user interface. Using a text editor, the programmer produces a set and editing the text of the program being created, which is called the source code. A programming language defines the syntax and initial semantics of the source code. At present, integrated development environments are being actively used, which also include an editor for entering and editing program texts, debuggers (so-called debuggers) for finding and fixing errors, translators from various programming languages, linkers for building programs from several modules and other service modules.

You can see The most popular editors in the diagram below.:

The Most popular Code Editors

For programmers

If you are already well versed in programming and want to help or contribute to the development, review the last questions, and participate in the discussion, or give a direct answer to the question. Thus, you will help, those who are just beginning to comprehend the basics of programming. Thank you!