The reaction of the customers on styles of bootstrap?

If you are ready to use classes of bootstrap - buttons, galleries, menus, and so on and just override the styles for the desired design who like this are the customers?
June 26th 19 at 14:00
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June 26th 19 at 14:02
How much time you have spent on overriding the bootstrap styles? Not faster to write the same button? To do one design over another is not the best solution.
Another question, if you are using the source code, just change the variables and the bootstrap will be tailored to your project.
But not every layout is possible.
I am not a fan of this approach, to override styles it is not seriously like me, but this approach seems faster when the customer is greedy then it could be so gash, although I don't know how to practice it faster or not. - gene.Corwin80 commented on June 26th 19 at 14:05
: in fact, override the styles are terribly inefficient. Forget anything POPs up then you need to head a lot of excess to keep. Yes, and it's all garbage, there are no really complicated things. Need to know the layout, then the bootstrap will not be needed. With jQuery, by the way, as well - if you know js, it is not needed. - Madison2 commented on June 26th 19 at 14:08
actually the most important thing in buttrape it's not styles and they can not connect at all, and only use those buns that are necessary for choice. And override styles not so hemorrhagic - register the top as a separate file and all. - Coy commented on June 26th 19 at 14:11
June 26th 19 at 14:04
But what do they care?
June 26th 19 at 14:06
Usually customers care only if all the quirks of the designer you realise, and if so, whether you need the bootstrap in this case?
Bootstrap some such - is neither here nor there: not to say that he's super-duper-rapid, because it finished only a primitive (and cross-browser compatibility is not quite perfect - personally drove with a file browser under Android 4.2), and at the same time, there is no special flexibility design.
jQuery really speeds up development, especially for Ajax - thing "global" in the sense of need, and really brought to mind. Bootstrap your task solves much worse - all the "raw" and primitive. Partly because the problem itself - the UI is much more complicated than anything else.
June 26th 19 at 14:08
freelancing just sometimes in see - to use only the grid from bootstrap or no
The designer draws on the grid bootstrap, typesetter typesets the grid bootstrap = everyone is happy. No surprises. - gene.Corwin80 commented on June 26th 19 at 14:11
logically, if still the button you want to override, then why carry them bootstraps styles. It is better to take only the net. - Madison2 commented on June 26th 19 at 14:14
OOO, you're still faced with those who have the "cult bootstrap", the net code may be a result of less volume than the added styles - Coy commented on June 26th 19 at 14:17

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