Imports xml into woocommerce using wp all import. Is who is able to work well with wp all import?

There is xml which need to do the import for me in woocommerce, but there is a caveat.
Usually all okay, have one name and one value or two lines, and then have the name and value on one line.
Prompt, who can faced such question?
June 26th 19 at 14:02
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June 26th 19 at 14:04
You never know who will be helpful, here is the official answer.

To import data from an XML attribute, you need to drag from directly on top of the attribute name. For example:

If you wanted to import the sku, you would need to place your mouse over the word "sku" and drag from there. The resulting XPath code will look something like

June 26th 19 at 14:06
Alexander, look you straight such rare but relevant questions. with wp all import will help, I will give the translation, but with a menu of product categories you decided? do you have in yours? All Internet Russian oblasts you just raised mine question this and not a plugin not founded too, which allows the order of the hierarchies to keep..
There is no solution ready. There was a plugin that does this for posts, not for the woocommerce categories.
There the meaning is, he removes the pagination when viewing all the categories/pages etc.
thus they at least in order to add and then manually move (this is of course sad, but better than nothing)
you can take here:

Will not sync with an existing. Proper my said can write, but doesn't want because few will be used, the work "does not discourage". Although I see it, if its$ 10 to put, then a lot of people will buy it. Maybe persuading ))

Category to menu, collected in manual(I have a little over 200, it took about 15 minutes) and then just put a widget from woocommerce in a place where the menu in the theme and voila. Then the plugin can not do, it is better to choose a topic where it would be convenient to do or there is a place for a widget.

Xml long ago already figured out, there is a regular expression like treated, I do not remember.

Still, just for the future, the parser we have takes data from other sites dozens of times faster than wp all import. - lenna.Mosciski commented on June 26th 19 at 14:09

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