What is the reason for the slow Update when large amounts of CRUD in Symfony2 (sonata-admin-bundle)?

Good afternoon. The essence of my question. The website is running on Symfony2, sonata admin-admin-bundle. There are two tables associated on a one-to-many. Parent table issued to the directory and child with CRUD controlled. When you create a record, and modifying an existing, small size of data in the form field with WYSIWIG editor is relatively normal (in the debugger error messages and any warning available), but it is necessary to amend the entry, where the amount of data for 5-6 bagdanov, so the response increases markedly and conservation has been delayed for a long time (over 15 seconds). Error is also observed. Tell me, what could be the cause? How to build a form that when large volumes all remained fast enough?
June 26th 19 at 14:04
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