Synology DSM vs Mikrotik, router soft as the Foundation of your home network?

Collect home network server-based HP Microserver Gen8 + router from Huawei, Rostelecom optics.
In while spinning Proxmox 4.4 + Xpenology VM.

1. To organize a full house. network with all buns, vpn, dhcp, dns, stable Internet. On Feng Shui but without fanaticism.
2. Portability hardware. to stick eth0 wire with any net, to give eth1 to the switch addresses - everyone is happy.

The proposed scheme:
For example, ie + dev-labs and other (often remote work)

Current problems:
Rostelecoms box sometimes ceases to distribute the Internet, is treated only by reset button. Hate incredibly. Wanted to get rid of it using liftovogo router, ie pppoe themselves + if there is no Internet for a minute reconnects.

Question two:
1. Does it make sense to put separately Mikrotic OS or this will cope with a DSM?
There is everything like dhcp,pppoe,dns,vpn. How good it is there? Or better not steamed and trust Mikrotik?
2. What is better to arrange for external access? To be honest I can not decide
Why the question arose: it is not clear what to do if, for example, all fell because of the failure of EE and need to remotely fix it - the likelihood based on the extreme low, at least come home tonight will fix it. What if I trip?. but a glitch vm router(?) or KVM is more real? Or is it too unlikely and not cost you steamed?

I see options such (practices 0, so only the imagination):
and. No difference - using VPN, go to EXT. the grid and get access to everything you need.
b. to iLO through an external router. and it is normally prokatyvaetsja? I read somewhere that console problem
V. to DSM/Mikrotik via an external router.

b and C will not solve the problem with the lack of Internet (see above)
How well directly give output in iLO?

other options? Maybe everything is easier done and I seriously hunted? How anyone organized?
June 26th 19 at 14:05
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June 26th 19 at 14:07
Take a piece of metal mikrotik, and everything else for him, so reliable, and it will be seen that with the traffic occurs. Able to reboot myself, and to reconnect there are scripts. Also VPN on it to organize
June 26th 19 at 14:09
If there is an iron microt - it is better to use it, if not - I would put in a new path pfsense is also. iLO Internet better not to put. In the case of Savinov - watchdog. Well and reliable UPS for microserver't hurt, preferably with management at least through the usb/com which would pay in case of long lack of electricity.
Why pfsence? Mikrotik kind as the rocks mercilessly. - nikita.Stracke commented on June 26th 19 at 14:12
: if you have a license - and it. Everything has its pros and cons. Have pfsense is also as a plus - openvpn udp, dns full - tomasa_OConn commented on June 26th 19 at 14:15
June 26th 19 at 14:11
Looong time I was on one host and FreeBSD (who worked as a router) or a server, and test machines. This scheme is good when you're always at home and able in a couple of clicks to raise the fallen FreeBSD, which is constantly after power failure writes about software inconsistency. When you're not home - you have to attract unskilled child :D
So I decided for myself so Mikrotik (hardware box), and only Mikrotik. The server I have one of those "your own server", iLO in it, if I was to put it in the raw footage, I would not. Mikrotik holds tyrnet and IPSec VPN to work, lost power - no connection. Appeared food - Mikrotik joined, I went to the FreeBSD console, gave her preventive pendel...
Hardware Mikrotik in Your case gives you the assurance that you will get to the iLO, and with him already a server to resturtant, if necessary. DSM...well, there is of course Linux, and there mc can stir up, and packages are put...but I'd separate microtia and DSM left within the network. If you want to get straight to the DSM - there is DS Cloud Client that allows file sharing - will be a little dropbox :)
access the DSM was meant as a gateway of the network for management.
and as a media station certainly built better - nikita.Stracke commented on June 26th 19 at 14:14

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