How to calculate the required characteristics of the virtual server?

You need to choose the right characteristics to host over 20 websites of the company and CRM 1 key (not 1C, it's just the admin panel in the browser).
Sites written in PHP, database is MySQL.
Number of users of CRM about 30 people.
The total number of visitors - more than 100,000 hosts per month.

Opted for a Ukrainian VPS hosting for ease of administration.
The question is how to choose the right package from the hosting provider, which vary according to the characteristics of iron. In what direction to dig, among the scattered information on the Internet, we can reference the prompt or "the eye" tyknet...

Occupied on the SSD volume was determined, and here is how to calculate processor speed and RAM do not assume.

Proposed parameters:
1)percent: 1x2.6Ghz, RAM: 512 MB
2)percent: 2x2.6Ghz, RAM:768 MB
3)percent: 2x2.6Ghz, RAM:1024 MB
4)percents: 2x2.6Ghz RAM: 2048 MB
5)percents: 4x2.6Ghz RAM: 4096 MB
June 26th 19 at 14:06
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June 26th 19 at 14:08
How to calculate the required characteristics of the virtual server?
Accurately calculate will not work.
We all have different sequencing, different priorities are configured for virtual machines, different storage configurations. Different oversell. The different ratio of memory, CPU and disks. In the end VMS with identical characteristics from different hosts may differ in performance.

The most reasonable in this case roughly estimate how much memory IAPSO, disk space and CPU and guided them around to select VMS from a specific host.
If resources will be missed - not a problem to switch to more expensive tariff plan if it will clear the excess - go for a cheaper rate.
You just need the right to negotiate with the hosting company, to discuss how hassle-free it will be to add resources or migrate to another tariff, and how it will look at the price.
Most hosting companies provide trial periods - even if on the website there is no such, you can negotiate.
June 26th 19 at 14:10
less than a gig even suggest not to watch. well strangled Apache with PHP + musculi of just 700-800 megabytes and eat. Of course it is possible and 512 to squeeze, but this is extreme, more time will be spent on the setup than sekonomit money.
what a load - that is the most important snapshot\synchronous number. even 1 000 000 per month evenly a lot easier than 100 in 1 minute.
June 26th 19 at 14:12
Need to conduct load testing on iron from the middle of this list, and depending on the results to choose it or the other.

If blindly to choose, I would 3 have taken under no-load site. Just because less than 1GB of RAM to choose makes no sense.
June 26th 19 at 14:14

Servers can be very different, the load can be very different.

For me personally, and for 50 servers live on the tariff plan for 200 rubles.
Nothing slows.

And there is one server for 25 000 rubles per month hawala....


See "recommended requirements" to the documentation for your CRM.
Because it will eat the most, I guess.


Is and site traffic depends, and about the attendance, neither you nor we are told, and do not know, apparently


Generally this is not a problem.
Take the type of hosting VDS/VPS (it is inexpensive, at 150 rubles).

Not enough - increase the tariff plan.
Almost all hosting companies allow it to increase in a big way without any customizations.
And sometimes even without a reboot.
June 26th 19 at 14:16
not suffer garbage, if you do not know how to cook nadrzeczna test , then take the small package and increase it as needed, it takes a minute time to increase resources

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