How to connect 2 monitors to a laptop?

To a laptop hooked up 2 monitors (one via VGA-second via HDMI)
The control panel displays both of the connected monitor, but it works only 1
Laptop two graphics cards built in and discrete (NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M and Intel graphics) (if I am not mistaken, the GeForce GT 540M only supports 2 monitors (laptop and 1 connected) )
As a second connected monitor "output" to integrated graphics ? Found the answer on the toaster that it is decided by bios PCI/iGPU and Multi-monitor: on, but in the bios of these items I do not(
P. S I know nothing of hardware, bios and the like.
June 26th 19 at 14:08
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June 26th 19 at 14:10
You can connect the third monitor via a USB adapter, it is inexpensive.
There is still the option to disable the built in laptop monitor directly from the control panel of Windows. This is the most simple and effective option.
Hmm, didn't know thanks for the reply! - alyson.Fay commented on June 26th 19 at 14:13
Connected through adapter USB 3.0 -> HDMI Greenconnect, the monitor earned, but the resolution is 800x600 in the control panel to change it ( - alyson.Fay commented on June 26th 19 at 14:16
The problem is either in low speed USB 3.0 (only 500 MB/sec) or in the adapter.

For comparison:
1920x1080@60 requires a speed of 474 MB/s (3.8 GB/sec)
3840x2160@60 requires speed 1.9 GB/sec (14.9 GB/sec)
3840x2160@120 requires speed 3.8 GB/sec (29.7 Gbit/sec)

Also the problem may be that USB is impossible in principle may be to deliver a great solution. - Miller.Bogisich commented on June 26th 19 at 14:19
no. It's not the adapter and the external card. The picture is formed in her, so the USB speed only affects the loading of textures in games, but for everything else it enough. - otho.Mraz23 commented on June 26th 19 at 14:22
June 26th 19 at 14:12
In laptops such tricks with BIOS no, because all the connectors are clinging to the built-in video card (with rare exceptions in the form of having expensive mux chips and the lack of integrated graphics as such).
List support 3 monitors CPU/GPU/chipsets Intel

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