What organizations may use the academic license for Office?

Good afternoon, dear colleagues.
Asking for your help in resolving the issue:
Our organization is a public Autonomous institution subordinated to the higher education Department.
The organization is basically engaged in the work with young people(the main activity), but not so long ago our database was opened children's Park "Kvantorium", which is directly involved in educational activities. Legally "Kvantorium" a separate organization is not selected, but together with the opening we got an educational license and the appropriate NACE in the statutes.

And now the question.
Do we have the right to purchase and install edition Microsoft Offiсe for educational organizations?
June 26th 19 at 14:11
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June 26th 19 at 14:13
June 26th 19 at 14:15
Questions on the interpretation of contract terms, which you *expect* to conclude, it is advisable to ask not anonymous on the Internet, and any one who this agreement was made, or the person with whom you enter into this agreement.

In the present case, in both cases, means — to Microsoft.

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