How to make horizontal scrolling with mixitup?

Hi all, faced with such a problem. Need to do horizontal scrolling of elements, while they should be sorted mixitup-Ohm. The problem is that when there is a sort mixitup-ohms, the width of the parent unit elements remains old, not adjusted to the existing elements and there is a lot of empty space. To customize the horizontal scrolling I use mCustomScrollbar. Already tried and reviewed everything that is possible, is it possible at all to do horizontal scrolling with mixitup ?8c2eac4b01a146808d8e4abcc6aa9b82.png447d9f9c2a8f4090b7ca94f4df925cf7.png3324750791d34a1e87e80906156728ad.jpg
June 26th 19 at 14:16
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