What is the topology of the mesh is correct?

Guru 3D help to understand General example of this - make it a hunting rifle with a scope, creating a mesh, I have the following question, creating a mesh for example of the barrel, I make it a single that has all the details of the trunk flow into other regardless of their complexity naturally it takes more time, however on YouTube a huge number of videos where modeled all the parts and just "stoked" to some objects in the other creating the illusion of the integrity of the object, as to which approach is correct? And still in passing a question about trishy, when modeling a single mesh I have moments where everything still have to use a triangle, for example in the model of rifle I have 5 tricou all the other 4 triangles, this is acceptable or need displays on all 4 corners?
June 26th 19 at 14:22
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June 26th 19 at 14:24
1. And this is how you personally prefer, where are you going to put it and are there any requirements to hidden geometry (its absence). I - adept of the cult, solid modeling, CAD and this issue is resolved unambiguously: Item - a separate item, it is included in the Assembly as a separate component. Interference in this case is invalid, except in cases when it is justified. The details are one body is allowed only with the purpose of simplification. But this engineering approach and feature tverdotel, in the frame the rule is not working - it was not necessary.
Under either approach, the result is similar really, because in any editor is the ability to trim an extra surface to the intersection with another surface and then sew both on the boundary of one mesh. And you can not sew, for example, for testing the textures separately for each item. And this can be achieved in several ways - Boolean is just the simplest.
To avoid (and therefore to follow) necessary for overlay polygons on top of each other. That's really the trouble. If you have two cylinders of the same diameter and you "inserted" one into another, don't do so. And crossing at an angle - can be, and sometimes desperately need.
At issue is small parts like fastening of a sight.. again does not matter to us. Depends on the task. If you want even the thread to draw in the holes and I think that it is justified, then that is your right. On the other hand Bump mapping still alive and some things are generally in the wireframe modeling to draw is not necessary. Just any relief protrusions on the gun for in the first place.

2. Honestly, I even forgot the rationale why they are not recommended to use. Somewhere when heard in the beginning, when I use Blender, but the idea has not caught on.. because as I remember, immediately after this statement it was said that without it is impossible, they say, aim, but don't get carried away. This is ultimately decided and the way subsequent editing of a particular piece. Do not bother, generally. In the end there is still all the triangles to uniquely identify the position of the plane in space is necessary and sufficient three points. =)
Not the quadrilaterals is not recommended to use because take off Loop-tools (Loop Cut, for example), and many others, may not work as you want. - morton.Sanford commented on June 26th 19 at 14:27
June 26th 19 at 14:26
modeled all the parts and just "stoked" to some objects in the other creating the illusion of integrity

So it is possible, better to save on polygons, but this approach is fraught with problems with rendering z-buffer, for example https://sites.google.com/site/threejstuts/home/pol...
But if the programmer (game, project, or whoever the model in a 3D engine will insert) will be allowed, and so, too, is a "correct" approach.

still have to use triangle ... or should all the outputs on the 4 corners?

Tell you a secret - when you export any 3D model into triangles. A rectangular polygon is nothing like two triangles. Five corners - three triangles, etc. And when you consider the number of polygon, usually mean the number of triangles exactly (face or trisul, faces / triangles). 3D game engines only with triangles and work. And even better some where manually the polygons into triangles to break up, to curved surfaces to the right diagonal crossed rectangle.

The square polygons are very necessary if the model (skeleton/mesh) after smoothed subdivi (subdivisions) or in the case of 3D max - massmoca/Turbomeca (meshsmooth/turbosmooth), because the triangular polygon is not uniform cause some "tension" smoothing on the frame.
June 26th 19 at 14:28
The model must be subdivided into elements at least on the basis of differences in material and texture.
If you mean the entire model for example the barrel handguard holder of sight and so on are the individual items. Here I am interested in whether for example to subdivide a scope mount which have a complex shape - morton.Sanford commented on June 26th 19 at 14:31

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