Why do not load items in the store?

Hello! Such a poser. The sounds of the restadapter. API written in Laravel. So. I returned an array of objects. The model is created. The response in console is items but in store they are not downloaded. Why?

Route::get('jobs', ['middleware' => 'cors', function()
 return \Response::json(\App\Job::all(), 200);

In console see this - WARNING: Encountered "0" in payload, but no model was found for model name "0" (resolved model name using admin@serializer:application:.modelNameFromPayloadKey("0"))

I think edlo in the serializer. Created the serializer, but didn't help

import DS from 'ember-data';

export default DS.RESTSerializer.extend({
 normalizeResponse(store, primaryModelClass, payload, id, requestType) {
 const { data } = payload;

 if (data) {
 arguments[2] = data;

 let json = this._super (arguments...);

 return json;
June 27th 19 at 14:56

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