Can I connect my background JS script IE 11 in kiosk mode?

Good day, are developing a web application for touch panels on the base of IE 11 (other browsers use prohibited) mode kiosk mode. The app is only available from the local network. All the stalls are conventionally thin clients (win 10) which open a specific page from a local server (app server runs on RoR + js and Internet access has not).

The problem is that if the user taps the button and the server at this moment dropped (or rolled a new version of the web application), the user sees the standard page "IE cannot display this page".

Here comes to mind the decision to hang when you run IE in the background of js, which will asynchronously query the status of the server response with an interval of 5-10 sec. If the server is unavailable js script will display a local page on a thin client. If the request from the server 200, the script will redirect to the home page of prilozheniya. 2 option to replace the default page cannot be displayed "this page" to your html with the same js file.

In actually the question
1. Is it possible somehow to load local js when you start IE. you know in FF and chrome you can :(?
2. Is it possible to replace default error page like in chrome?

Sorry for Megabucks. Thanks for reading (option seamless with react or angular will not work because the application is already developed).
June 27th 19 at 14:58

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