There are sensors on the AC?

Lord, tell me, are there any sensors which operate on alternating current or do they all need exclusively constant?
We are talking about hall sensors, temperature sensors, smoke detection , etc., which is powered from the mains alternating current.
And yet, for example, a pressure sensor, if exceeded by a chapel, he closing the contacts are designed for continuous current?
June 27th 19 at 14:59
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June 27th 19 at 15:01
The sensors may have, only now, whatever signal processing you probably will still need to use a constant voltage, since the logic (the same microcontroller) will ask for a tenure of 3 to 15 Volts(depending on what use).

Although some thermostats are quite good themselves will close/disconnect from 220V when reaching a certain temperature. :)

Typically, the network voltage is rectified and reduced to levels of power all the logic, and if she should commute a powerful network load, it does it already via the relay/thyristor.

One of the cheapest options if you do not touch the sensor with your hands and it is not connected with any wires - damping capacitors+diode bridge, but no galvanic isolation from the mains...

There are ready-made modules compact, low-power 220AC->and 12DC to 220AC->5DC, tipo such . Quite good and compact power adapter, sealed, isolated from the network.1pcs-HLK-PM01-AC-DC-220V-to-5V-mini-powe
Well, other range of power supplies for every taste, color, voltage and power.

About the pressure sensor - it is not one at all occasions, psychics are not here. The name or the photo should be. By themselves, the pressure sensors only give it in analog or digital form, but do not commute, if it is combined with logic and relays, it is necessary to look at the relay characteristics, it can pass through itself already postoyanku/recess, in accordance with its characteristics.
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June 27th 19 at 15:03
Hall sensor in certain conditions will work on AC, but DC is more natural for him. If you mean by a sensor sensitive element and harness for him - the harness is always powered by a constant current derived from at least alternating.
If is exceeded by a chapel, who knows what it is. Russian language would you pull...

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