How to pull data from the database DLE?

Good time of day.

Tell me is this php code

if (!defined('DATALIFEENGINE')) die("Error!");
$content = "<b-->then you want to insert the text of the article";
$words_per_minute = "250"; // read words per minute
$img_per_minute = "12"; // read image in seconds
$img_numb = preg_match_all('~<img~i', $content, $result_numb); Plusem the total number of images in the text $text_read="round(count(preg_split('/\s/'," $content)) $words_per_minute, 1); Get the read text $img_read="floor((count($result_numb[0])" * $img_per_minute) 60); $all_read="$img_read" + $text_read; (text image) decl_of_numb function($all_numb, $titles) { $cases="array(2," 0, 1, 2); return $all_numb." ".$titles[ ($all_numb%100>4 && $all_numb%100<20)? 2 : $cases[min($all_numb%10, 5)] ];

echo '<b>read the article:</b> '.decl_of_numb(round($all_read), array(' minute', 'minutes', 'minutes'));


There where it says "then you want to insert the text of the article" we need from the database display the text news. Please help in php do not understand.
June 27th 19 at 15:00

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