How to get string after disassembly?

When disassembling Delphi Dede in the method TForm20.Button1Click

* Possible String Reference to: 'printer' 
00475B39 BAE45B4700 mov edx, $00475BE4 

00475B3E E8B5F6F8FF call 004051F8 
00475B43 7422 jz 00475B67 
00475B45 8D55F8 lea edx, [ebp-$08]

When you click on the address 00475BE4 in IDA to see the following:
.text:00475BDA align 4 
.text:00475BDC dd 0FFFFFFFFh, 7 
.text:00475BE4 dword_475BE4 dd 0EDE8F0EFh, 0F0E5F2h, 0FFFFFFFFh, 6 
.text:00475BE4 ; DATA XREF: sub_475B0C+2Do

If I need to automate the process how to get the latest code from the text in the first ("printer")?
I'm not good at disassembly.
June 27th 19 at 15:06

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