Fall interfaces Mikrotik that kind of attack?

Started to notice a very annoying problem in the network on Mikrotik. Are the following:
Start the download with a fat file servers, the network is loaded on 98мб seconds on the desktop.
after a while I catch the fall of all the ports on Mikrotik in the log, he Mikrotik at this time will not be lost:
I noticed that if you load the server file it with grief in half, he'll go at the speed of 12 megabits per average but the download does well, and even puts the entire network.

How to live with it don't know yet decide that the speed limit of 10 Mbit on the interface with the North but is not a solution. Does anyone have an options?
June 27th 19 at 15:10
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June 27th 19 at 15:12
When expanding the network was installed Gigabit switchboard, microt now only as a gateway. Everything works stable.
June 27th 19 at 15:14
What model router and firmware version?
June 27th 19 at 15:16
Hi all.
The situation is similar.
Have network equipment MikroTik:
Main router: 2011UiAS-2HnD
A couple of MikroTik Gigabit SW: RB260GSP and CSS106-5G-1s
A few Wi-Fi points: RBcAPL-2nD
One router as a WiFi point: RB931-2nD
The routers firmware version: 6.42rc52

Raised WiFi network on CAPsMAN

All was well, but at one point started having problems when copying large files between the server and home computer.
In the process of copying all of the ports on the main rotore fall in some cases if at this moment I'm at the console and suspend the copy then after a few minutes the network rises, but if I'm not there, the network goes into full knockout and to raise it you have to overload the master router.
Tried changing firmware now gone to test yet did not help.
All wires checked out the network tester, the problem is not identified.
Starting to think not dying is my primary router, it's been there for years!


In addition to the problem with the drop ports of the me found a very strange glitch when using CAPsMAN in the main routere.
Once on the main rotore activate Wi-Fi as a point CAPsMAN interface begins to fall report log info about the conflict Masov, dealing with conflict, I have come to the conclusion that the conflict takes place at the main rotore between WiFi card and the virtual WiFi interface CAPsMAN.
In man pages it is written that when activated CAPsMAN mechanism the main interface like WiFi is disabled and its functionality together with its Wt goes to a virtual WiFi CAPsMAN. But in my case the primary interface Wi-Fi would not turn off and when activated CAPsMAN in the log immediately shows the conflict!

Maybe I can with this problem to help.

Hope for Your advice.

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