How to eliminate blank characters occurring in the editor?

Periodically in the text have this kind of symbols. In a Sublime display (first screenshot) in Visual Studio is not visible, but appear as a problem area for best personal Finance, plus if you guess the positioning of the cursor - delete is still possible. In Atom - no way not to notice this element, except for the error from the command line (second screenshot). Why, how is this phenomenon and where to look in finding a solution?

PS Yes, I can see that this is possible because copy-paste with formatting, but sometimes the symbol appears in the absence of my actions with ctrl+v, and to the solution of the answer brings. As, incidentally, behaves WebStorm with this?

June 27th 19 at 15:30
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June 27th 19 at 15:32 a plugin for sublime highlights extra spaces at the beginning or end of a line, it is possible to automatically remove them when saving the file - can you help, if I understand correctly your question
Thanks, that's helpful. But no, the issue in General to what I do with similar characters in other editors. In the same Atom, they are generally not seen and not removed, Visual Code - is not seen only in the text itself. - jerrell89 commented on June 27th 19 at 15:35
Plus it's not blank characters, spaces don't cause errors. These - cause. - jerrell89 commented on June 27th 19 at 15:38

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