How to insert link to JavaScript?

Not thinking in JavaScript e, please help us.
Here on this site, the breadcrumbs at the top category of my online store. The first link is a page on the main, it's called "Yamaha".

I need to make so that instead of referring to the main (Yamaha), I put his arbitrary link, which will lead to another page of the store. Can you please tell where to insert and what code.

Here is the code:
<!-- internal navigation breadcrumbs -->
 {if !empty($breadcrumbs)}
 <nav class="breadcrumbs" itemprop="breadcrumb">
 {if !$wa->globals('isMyAccount')}
 <a href="{$wa_app_url}">{$wa->shop->settings('name')}</a> <span class="rarr">→</span>
 {* within My Account we exclude from navigation first node because the links are on the page already *}
 {$breadcrumbs[0] = null}
 {foreach $breadcrumbs as $breadcrumb}
 {if $breadcrumb}
 <a href="{$breadcrumb.url}">{$|escape}</a> <span class="rarr">→</span>
June 27th 19 at 15:30
2 answers
June 27th 19 at 15:32
<a href="{$wa_app_url}">{$wa->shop->settings('name')}</a> <span class="rarr">→</span>

Replace your link. And it's not JavaScript, and SMARTY - template engine for PHP.
Thank you! - nikita.Stracke commented on June 27th 19 at 15:35
Under the answer is press a button to "Mark solution" if not difficult) - Rosanna96 commented on June 27th 19 at 15:38
June 27th 19 at 15:34
All understood, all thanks!

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