How to get rid of reactivity?

I have a component with the tickets, I want to get rid of relatively. Let me explain.
There is a table:

 {{index + 1}}

In data() ordered data:
 title: null,
 price: 0,
 quantity: 0,
 description: null
 allTickets: []

And method added:
methods: {
 let ticket = this.ticket; //tried to get rid of reactivity

And actually 4 fields to fill in the data
<input v-model="ticket.title">
<input v-model="ticket.price">
<input v-model="ticket.quantity">
<textarea v-model="ticket.description"><button @click="addTicket"</code></pre><br>
When you fill new, changing the whole table. How to make it so that data is not overwritten in the table when the new record?</textarea>
June 27th 19 at 15:32
1 answer
June 27th 19 at 15:34
So you need to get rid of:
let ticket = {...this.ticket};
I.e. create a new object instead of assigning reference to the object.

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