How to find projects with feedback which would enable to pump experience in drafting of project documents and testing?

Good day,

Work young number-Cruncher, but I want to improve skills in the field of testing applications. Planned summer vacation, and I would like to work somewhere a tester (in terms of documentation) and analyst feedback that would improve the quality of my work. It is desirable that the feedback was not only from the customer of the product, but also by the product developer or an experienced analyst/tester. If the results of the work will be able to get testimonials or recommendations it would be generally cool. Payment of course and certainly welcome, but it is not important - the main thing is life experience and the advice of more experienced colleagues.
Are there any resources where I can find such a job, rather not practice full time? About freelance marketplaces I know, but as a rule they do not like to take people with no experience, even at a reduced fee or for free. Maybe there are specialized sites of this kind?
And additional question: how do you pumped skills in these areas?
June 27th 19 at 15:36
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June 27th 19 at 15:38
Usually large companies like to host students for practice. Yandex, Luxoft, etc.

Googling on "student internships in it companies"

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