How to bind a image to a parallax section?

There is a section, there is a div which through css set picture, you can not tie it to the section itself.
Details: I went to the site, I twist a castor of a mouse to the section, get to it, starts to appear from below the picture when scroll, but the site is not skrollitsya continue until you reach the top of this section and is hidden from the top.
In fact, get that picture in the section walks throughout the site, the screenshots will do, already all tried, does not duplay
<section class="parallax_banner">
 <div class="images"></div>

 position: relative
 margin-top: 372px
 height: 375px
 max-height: 375px
 background-color: $section-2
 height: 100%
 top: 300px
 background-image: url(img/parallax.png)
 background-size: cover

 var scrollTop = $(this).scrollTop();
 // Variables
 "transform" : "translate(0%, -" + scrollTop + "px"

a picture that should be in the block
the block itself before reaching the beginning of the parallax effect
July 2nd 19 at 13:16
1 answer
July 2nd 19 at 13:18

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