How to make a personal (specifically by your criteria) mailings?

Hello! Many of us are faced with the phenomenon as a distribution when we purchased in boutiques or signup on any major resource. Even the most questionable of the online store, when you bought any trifle, after some time to send you a list of goods on the basis of what you already bought. Yes, the same Habr or Toaster oven to take. Habr sends only articles from hubs, which I signed, Toaster - only tags, which you signed. Interested in the purely practical side of the issue. For example, a broadcast is sent once a week for all destinations. There is for example a million users, and it is only those who subscribed to this newsletter. Probably runs some kind of script that bypasses all of these subscribed users in the database, looking what criteria everyone, and even for each user individually generates the letter according to the criteria for a given user. It is possible is banal to launch the script Kron, who will send these letters phpmailer'om, however, he sends a letter a couple of seconds, with so many emails he will send them forever, it's been a week ideal for a new batch of newsletters, and he is also old not sent))) But if you throw everything in the database and on the sly to send duck he especially will not have time until next mailing to send the way it is. On the Internet looked, only available template settings for known e-mail clients for Housewives, or any dubious of spamlike, but I need not spamlike, namely the legal text as on habré. Well, all of these paid mailing services like SmartSender also only allow templates to personalize and send one canoe. In General, here)
July 2nd 19 at 13:17
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July 2nd 19 at 13:19
Mixed lot conelude.

1. No one makes a big mailing PHP-mailer. Used, for example, the script that generates the letters and puts them in a queue, the MTA and the further letter sent to the MTA (with a proper configuration, for example, Postfix to send out a million emails with a single car for a few hours not a problem). If necessary, the script is run in multiple threads / on multiple machines. More often instead of the local MTA to use an API service provider e-mails (your ideas about it are not true, you just don't know how to use it), because a million letters from you will not accept any mail service until you amass a reputation as normal.
2. Users are segmented. The stronger they are - the better. In the first activity, if the user of the year did not go to the website, and you do it every week sending - your emails will almost certainly be spam. It is also possible segmentation by gender, age, geography, income level, new user, regular user, the outgoing user is a lost user. Segment determines the frequency and types of mailings.
3. Mailing is personalized, taking into account previous activity of the user and its segments.
4. Distribution split-tested. Choose the most effective.
5. Mailing triggered. Spam user once a week giving him the sheet with the list of goods are ineffective. Much more effective to catch it in a time specific offer. For example, if a man bought something for women (perfume, flowers, candy) remind him about it in a year and offer something that can go well (update, append, overwrite) with the first purchase. If he bought a gift for a new baby are offered through the year gift for Godovalov child. Birthdays and other significant dates like to repeat myself. If he bought the bike and then in a month something to it - suggest another month (for the following RFP) discount on any other accessory to this bike (if the season isn't over, of course). A good proposal should not come once a week, and then when it is certainly interesting.

PS read the materials by e-mail marketing.
Okay, thank you very much, what I wanted to know. But the fact of the matter is, I'm purely a programmer, in sales at all, and I don't need them, and just informing users what's new.
Okay, I'll admit, with the mailing services know very superficially, but if you do I have lots of million personalized letters for each user according to what it reads on the website or signed. And those million emails I have to the service via its api, right? And the soap in this case, whose is used? If the email on your domain, then you can similarly ban to obtain, or in this case, the same Yandex is generally any side does not concern you? - wilfred_Ebe commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:22
: please, barely moved))) - wilfred_Ebe commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:25
: ahah, what type all of the case, a serious resource for serious programmers, not the Peekaboo, ord) - wilfred_Ebe commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:28
: Yes, the letters usually passed through the API, e-mail sender (From:) is commonly used existing, relevant category of letters (different for different categories - marketing, trigger, transaction) and such that it is read by people because the recipients sometimes respond. The recipient this allows you to set filters based on sender category of the email and even if marketing emails will go to spam, transactional email will be to reach. E-mail sender in SMTP envelope (envelope-from) frequently generated unique for each email, this makes it easy to catch the clubbing, to detect bounced emails and delete "dead" email addresses. - Robb45 commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:31
I'm sorry, all hands do not reach to answer... that's it! I understand that templates need somewhere to pass, but couldn't understand where) just Look service from Pechkin-mail (friends of friends of friends opened), their api is, and the statistics for each newsletter, vplod to unsubscribe and past the links. Right gift) but it's expensive as it turns out, 800 rubles/month. Well, the important thing - what, sobssno, is) - wilfred_Ebe commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:34

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