That should make the concept document of the game project?

Suggest that the concept document was about three pages. I have already described the genre, setting, reference, what is the game and how it differs from the above audience, but still got somewhere on the page, not counting the two images of reference. Conditionally to the page I'm writing in OneNote, font size 12, so it is not particularly clear, but Tina Kandelaki, it would be the Elevator pitch.
July 2nd 19 at 13:22
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July 2nd 19 at 13:24

  • A license
    This is usually a video game based on a movie or comic book. For example, the Lego series of video games or an Avengers video game.
  • New IP (Intellectual Property)
    In this case, I am referring to the first time this game/concept has been done. For example, TitanFall is brand new and original.
  • Existing IP
    This would be a concept/idea that is owned by the publisher or developer. For example this could be Sonic the Hedgehog or Call of Duty.

In the first stage, the concept paper acts both as a letter to yourself setting out your goals clearly so you won't lose sight of them - and as a sales tool for whomever takes the product to market down the road.

Sometimes, this stage involves a working mini-prototype as well, which gives you a chance to experiment and revise your ideas.

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