VR to connect to the bike?

Winter came, but on the bike I want. And preferably in a comfortable environment.
What are the solutions now offers the VR industry? That was cheap, but not boring.
I see it like this: on the wheel and the wheel sensors are hung, and the bike is on a regular roller. Well, the appropriate game software.
July 2nd 19 at 13:23
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July 2nd 19 at 13:25
Which meets the needs of the device? - reymundo.Wilderman commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:28
: To pedal. In order to make it more interesting, can be screwed to it VR helmet and odometer on the pedals. Do velosimulator, trying to put a regular bike on a "roller" (by the way, what's this?) much sense - the model will get out of control.

Here there is a regular Bicycle placed on a stand. Loses bike that doesn't load the wheels. - orin.Runte commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:31
: http://velo100.ru/files/31106[1].jpg - reymundo.Wilderman commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:34
July 2nd 19 at 13:27
It's still early in the sale there is nothing, not counting the individual instances of dubious quality. The ready decision is still two or three years will have to wait, now on the market some start-up people who have only the website is. Ride the exercise bike like ordinary mortals.
The fact that great, and the roller is. So, apparently, will have to ride a bike, sadly looking out the window :(

But it surprises me. The demand is undoubtedly there. SIM games are. And to tie multiple sensors to bind the turns at pressing the same keys is not difficult. - reymundo.Wilderman commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:30

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