Where to go in the direction of mathematics and computer science?

Good day!

At the moment I am a high school student and the day when you will need to choose the UNIVERSITY, is not far off. To do the plan for the specialty related to computer science and mathematics, preferably with an emphasis on theoretical knowledge. With his direction I decided on, for about a year remotely working as a developer and am quite sure that I like it.

This question would not be asked if with all my love to science and math I have not lacked any kind of knowledge in physics and chemistry (in addition to the most basic level 6-7 class), and as I understand it, in most technical Universities, these subjects are not in last place.

Live in Saint-Petersburg and would like to do it here, but the options to move to Moscow or even abroad, is also interesting.

At the moment the head of the list are Spbpu IKNT (need help with the choice of the Department) and St. Petersburg state University (need help with the faculty), but this does not mean that he intends to try only in these two Universities.

Thank you very much!

PS For tips on choosing faculty and Department I would be very grateful.
P. P. S. the Gap in physics and chemistry is not a conscious choice, motivated by the thought "no need"/"not useful", but just because of the situation with the teachers, which I regret.
July 2nd 19 at 13:30
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July 2nd 19 at 13:32
The HSE is now the top: PI, PMI, data Analysis.
MFTI at MSK great choice, however now there are all are exclusively engaged in scientific activities, however, great faculty are there for the programmer: fict, FUPM.
MSU only WMC can advise. There are several friends and acquaintances, and they're very good feel and work.
MIFI if only for safety(it is too late, because they reduce the faculties), i.e. it is CIB.
In Baumanku on software engineering(but now there is not much to learn, deteriorated education and teachers is not the same).
In the extreme case it is possible to look in the direction of MIREA(now MTU). It is Cybernetics or information technology. Mainly tried to indicate the faculties that do not require physics or chemistry for admission.
The priority from the top down.
In 6 years something has changed in the MIFI and there the security didn't require physics for admission?! As I recall, the physics demanded everywhere in my case(2010 income year), including in MEPhI on the IRB. Do now require computer science? Exam on computer science - kindergarten. - Lera.Durgan8 commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:35
: well, I wrote that almost everywhere(MIFI - exception) - kaela73 commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:38
July 2nd 19 at 13:34
Applied mathematics in any University Peter... depending on knowledge.
State University
LETI Popov )

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