What open source ticket system to select the specified requirements?

Need a simple open source ticket system. Spent about a day searching, but unfortunately, almost everything I tried did not fit. Good came can but as they say, I would like to take a look)

In General, we need a system for working with user requests. The most necessary capabilities: to allow the user to create sawako/applications to get an answer from the staff, to write something of my own in response.

- Open source (ability to make some things 100% need to add)
- New user registration when making an application (django-helpdesk for example, after you create the application allows the user to monitor its execution, but not to write anything in response)
- Ability to configure queues. To allow the user to choose where it is sent to the application

- Upload files to tickets.
- Notification of users via e-mail
- The language preferably python, go, php (ruby at worst, the main thing that is not perl =)

Can you recommend something please =)
July 2nd 19 at 13:30
0 answer

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