How to create nested links?

Hello master.
Please tell me how to create nested links to the first link, which stacked the rest were clickable in all its size, also occupied the remaining links are smaller.

For example, I made a nesting of references and a list of ul>li>ul
But it turns out that is clickable only some part of the list item (the first one, which is nested in the other).

links: "1", "2", "3" normal. And their parent is not behaving as I need.
Please tell me how to implement it.

PS. All these dances with a tambourine for the implementation of the links to delete, edit, etc.

And this is the code that I sketched out
July 2nd 19 at 13:43
1 answer
July 2nd 19 at 13:45
How to create nested links?

no way. you can't put links in the references.
the correct structure should be like this in your case:

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