How to say Google and Yandex on Ajax pages?

There is a directory with large number of pages (each page has its own address example: http://сайт/name/05458), pages are loaded using ajax when you scroll page to the bottom or when completing a search form.
How to tell search engines Google and Yandex on these pages?
To write in robots.txt or sitemap.xml?
And what to write?
1 answer
July 2nd 19 at 13:47
But where does the robots.txt? Of course sitemap.xml you need to register. Just feed PS your site map and wait for indexing these pages. I have a website in flash is fully indexed due to the site map. If you have a website on the engine, then surely there is a sitemap generator. If not, then write the generator, not by hand to prescribe 100500+ pages

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