How to re-track a click on an element?

Hello. I have a catalog which works on Ajax. In this structure built link a href = "#", which given a class change_cetegory. Hanging on click event for this class, followed by Ajax request to the server. The server gives in response a new directory structure that I put on the website: $('body').html();
And here begins the difficulty. The whole structure of elements has changed, and the script below no longer tracks clicks on the class change_cetegory. Please tell me how jq again to track clicks?

 var fd = new FormData(this), id = $(this).data("id");
 fd.append('action', 'get_auto');
 fd.append('id', id);

 type: "POST",
 url: "/ajax.html",
 data: fd,
 contentType: false,
 cache: false,
 processData: false,
 success: function(msg) {
 mass2 = JSON.parse(msg);
 if (mass2.result == 'error') {
 } else {

July 2nd 19 at 13:47
1 answer
July 2nd 19 at 13:49
$(document).on('click', '.change_cetegory', function(e){

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