What to write cross-platform mobile application using javascript?

The problem is this. Create aplicacin that will contain the entire list of existing polymers, and also with the possibility of knocking into the search for the desired polymer, its output and similar polymers.
You need to create first the app the website(mobile first), then make a sheath for iPhone and Android (at least Android), with the ability to put the application on the desktop.
In the end we have a responsive website, desktop app (what to do with electron or nw.js), the app for Android and iPhone, or iPhone without.
How to implement it using html, css, js? What framework Ala html-apps-for-mobile to develop?
Please tell us where to start.
July 2nd 19 at 13:50
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July 2nd 19 at 13:52
you have a very simple task - therefore, I recommend as a training practice to write your own program to - js css html php/node.js without foreign frameworks

you need to do:
0) data model tree, grid, table, etc...
1) data view html page from a mobile app
2) editing html page administrator
3) save data on the server of the developer - folder "data" which is a backup copy
4) import the data when you update the application

desktop version allows you to do everything through the browser and save data on the local server or on a remote
July 2nd 19 at 13:54
For mobile platforms, Phonegap/Cordova, it will "wrap" your code in native applications for all operating systems and provide a JavaScript API to interact with the API of the OS, but all the Web application itself to do the same as for the browser, basically it will be the single code base, that is, the front-end is either Angular, React, Backbone or jQuery or vanilla JS
For a list of polymers (about 1000) I'm going to use just an array with objects in normal js or json file. It is better to use for a list of polymers? The backend, I think, is not necessary. - lia.Larson47 commented on July 2nd 19 at 13:57

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