Circuit. A typo?

In the book Sorena "electronics.Step by step" in editions 1986, 1991, 2001 there is a task where calculations need to be made 6 circuits according to Ohm's law. In the single chain calculations are not the same. If it's a typo, it was supposed to correct in the next publication, but it in all editions unchanged. Or is it specially made? Or I something do not consider? In Proteus, the calculations also differ from the book. 3ab6350bdc594f11967def64e2e1cf47.jpg
July 2nd 19 at 13:52
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July 2nd 19 at 13:54
Yes, you can see that for 5 example, part of a circuit formed by the resistors R2,R3,R4 drops the voltage to 140V. The sum of the currents in this part of the circuit 3A.
Based on the Ohm's law equivalent resistance of the chain should be 46,(6) Ohm.
However, this equivalent resistance can not be achieved because the resistance of only one branch R2 already equals 40 Ohms.
So Yes, there is an error and no one has noticed.
A good reason to write to the publisher.

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