What antivirus software removes the malware files from the archives and how to disable the scanning of archives?

On Yandex-ROM, buyout synced with all my computers on Windows 10, I have a small selection of programmes, some of which are anti-virus software may count malicious (e.g. chromepass from nirsoft that displays all the passwords from chrome). All programs I have are in nesparennym RAR and ZIP archives. On the desktop computer is installed Kaspersky antivirus, for home - ESET Smart Security 8.

I use these programs very rarely, but today I noticed that some files are not missing executable .EXE files from the aforementioned chromepass archive were only readme.txt and help.chm. Password protected files are not affected. It so happened that the OS on all computers installed, and I'm not sure at what point these EXE files were removed - at the moment in Quarantine both antivirus pure, now chromepass nobody complains.

Which one of these programs decided to remove the malicious files from the archives? How to forbid to scan archives at all? Don't want to put passwords to all archives :(
July 2nd 19 at 14:00
1 answer
July 2nd 19 at 14:02
The antivirus has a history, quarantine look there, and in the settings is to scan archives or not

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