How to achieve indexing of the file from Google docks in search engine?

The situation is this - there is an important document with passwords that lazy site developers have shared in Google Doksy with access to "anyone who has the link".
The challenge was to prove that the protection of "the link no one knows" is not a defense.
I fed the link to Google for indexing, but apparently he will not display in the search results, since this level of sharing in the conclusion she will not fall (not sure, but in the examples I saw in the docks all the search with completely open access).
Found the search engine shodan, which ignores robot.txt and such restrictions, but he can't add a link, he's just what he found shows (if I understood correctly).

It is necessary to ensure that the information in this document somewhere popped up as a search result.
July 2nd 19 at 14:00
1 answer
July 2nd 19 at 14:02
Throw a link to the Doc, I'll see :)

And on the subject: it is not necessary to conduct experiments to figure out what to store all your passwords in googledoc is idiocy of the highest degree) now that there is a huge variety of services of proleganiya. You would have passwords on pieces of paper wrote down ))

Index Google doks search engines will not.

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