Will help with the choice of direction?

I beg you to give me some attention.

I'm sure the ~90% that would like to earn a design a desktop(and mobile) applications. I think it's great -- as are a lot of opportunities by the creation of programs: Work with files, automate typical actions of a simple user, maybe even make a smart virus of some sort. But what I like the most is the fact that you as the Creator can make almost any idea\idea into reality, using your imagination and giving the program a certain sense -- I said, and she complied-GOD ! =)

Question: How is this direction called ? Is it possible to start earning in this direction is already in 3-4 years? PS: it would not like to do websites! For me to add buttons, to work with animation, drawing, website content, data of site visitors, to ensure the stability of the server -- it's gray.

At this moment I have: English 7\10; Blind dialing keyboard; And in the process of repetition rate in elementary mathematics. Some knowledge in Python here already have: http://pythontutor.ru/
July 2nd 19 at 14:01
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July 2nd 19 at 14:03
I would say that the directions are called Desktop and Mobile development respectively. To apply for the position of Junior Java Developer (start earning) is possible after six months with due diligence.
Yes, that's what I would say if I was Peter.
Thank You, Peter :D - luciano_Kunze commented on July 2nd 19 at 14:06
I'm Alex, you can just semen, you can just any of you with convenient names:
Victor, Gennady, Acacius, Egorka. As long as you feel comfortable:) - Odell commented on July 2nd 19 at 14:09
July 2nd 19 at 14:05
Table (desktop) apps are mostly written for Windows, there is Python and Java as rule does not apply, write in C# and "ubiquitous" C++.
The mobile app is mainly popular for Android, next iOS, Android Yes, Java, but there are a lot of specifics, not the fact that Java EE and iOS - Obj-C/Swift, in fact it is one language, and again, C++ on both.

Your question is very few specifics about what you like. we have to focus and "fit" for the real tasks that are in different firms.

What, what purpose?
What about the database? Imagine server, but its client is not notorious browser and your app on Android, iOS, Windows, on database server and your application access it provides, administration, viewing.

automation of typical activities of a simple user
For example what?

maybe even make a smart virus of some sort.

To develop the viruses it is "atypical" direction is for your business or freelancing is close to the business, I chose this path, but I try to avoid subjectivity and therefore do not hide the fact that he is controversial and you should think whether you are applying individualism to such an extent and ready for a long time to achieve this before they can tasty to eat.
What about analyzing viruses? I would like to write the antivirus which detects the virus? Deeply embedded in the core of the system and protects itself from them, and the system too (firewall, file protection from deletion)? Now that's a traditional work team.
July 2nd 19 at 14:07
to Rou1997:
Your question is very few specifics about what you like. we have to focus and "fit" for the real tasks that are in different firms.

I think my question is quite well formulated, but since no one has time to read other people's questions, you know... the Only thing I want to clarify and add, so that's what I want to make mainly programmatically, but by passing this as a HOBBY would like the main tool in this case can be used in other types of tasks such as:

- Work with files (for example: Kopi-past values of the rows\columns of Excel file into X file; the files are moved, the cursor of the mouse; creating useful scripts some(diverse))
- Automate typical actions a user (Change drawing slave. table every x hours; custom "Downloader" files from the Internet; Defrag the disk every x days; the creation of triggers, i.e. perform some actions when certain actions: for example, ended with a viewing of the film -- to turn off the PC.)
- Create a virus for fun occasionally (for example: me mailbox or a bot of some kind; a Keylogger)

And actually, I want to manipulate what I see on the screen(except the sites)

Also, I said, "I like the most is the fact that you as the Creator can make almost any idea\idea into reality", referring to my vision about the implied direction of the programming, the design of the desktop application; want to be able to use such "weapons"(JAP), which would be inherent in the word "Universal" -- that makes me very happy to.
July 2nd 19 at 14:09
Learn any scripting language, basics of networking and operating systems + master Linux. The skill will be the administrator, vocation - whatever you want.
July 2nd 19 at 14:11
A little cold reality on a hot head:
1) Universal language not yet invented. All of them in one degree or another platform. Closest to the universality of got Java. However, the JVM on different platforms still have some differences.
2) Modern programming, unfortunately, is far from pure creativity. It is quite a large proportion of the craft. Let your poetic language (Creator, God): in order to make the necessary miracle not enough for you to learn to write and spell. You have to learn and write a lot of other spells that will be needed just to get to work each other and your spell. :) Yes, and most of the time you'll spend on creation and search of errors in their own and other people's spells. :)

I hope it will not disappoint you and you'll keep your passion. Thanks to her grow up to be the best programmers. Seriously.

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