What can be removed from the server video, keyboard and mouse, and output directly into the laptop?

CME standard type is not suitable. The IP-KVM is expensive for a single connection. Yes, and carry uncomfortable. Can anyone that found? Go to any Chinese "perehodnik" with the software. Or Chinese)
July 2nd 19 at 14:06
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July 2nd 19 at 14:08
What type of server ? Wondering whether the loading portion, or the interface of the OS ?

IBM eSerever works access "load BIOS" via the client terminal in the browser implemented in Java (there are problems with versions, normally able to have on an old j1.4).

If enough of the OS interface, use SSH for console + VNC for graphics. A little more difficult to configure a full-featured VNC XLI (e.g. Xming on windows) and a full-fledged work with any Jovim software (though it is contrary to the claimed "server"from)

Virtual servers provide not only a full-fledged console since the start of the Linux kernel, but even up to the low-level debugging (gdb interfaces of the kernel)

Industrial circuit Board (ATCA formats, PC104) provide access to BIOS menus through serial port rs232 (COM)

Server Sun Fire V440 for terminal access using RS232 iskluchitelno through the spec.the connector design is similar to the telephone (RJ11) and a separate apparatny terminal (at least in our configuration server farm it was) and Ethernet

If you need a stupid hardware interface with VGA grabber on Alibaba could not be found

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