Why increase the size of image after resizing to Image Intervention?

Reduce image size by using Image Intervention:
$img = Image::make($image->getPathname());
 $img->widen(1350)->save($this->getNewDirecoryName($folder, $image));

The resolution of the image is reduced into 2 times, but somehow grows twice. Size reduction can be achieved only by reducing quality:
$img->widen(1350)->save($this->getNewDirecoryName($folder, $image), 70);

But then the image will be in the soap. Google tried and exotic options:
$img = Image::make($image->getPathname());
 $img->widen(1350, function($constraint) {
 $canvas = Image::canvas($img->getWidth(), $img->getHeight());
 $canvas->insert($img, 'center');
 $canvas->save($this->getNewDirecoryName($folder, $image));

It was no use. Tried driver "gd" and "imagick". Tell me what could be the problem
July 2nd 19 at 14:06
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