The connection to the accounts and services without API?

All good day, please help to understand the issue.
A service application:
The user has the opportunity to place ads and receive messages from other users interested in the purchase. Access to this functionality only available through the mobile application, the site may only view the database of ads.

A service:
The service allows you to connect accounts to place ads, and read and reply to messages that arrive to your accounts.

Question: what tools is this functionality? The official API from the application a whirligig there.

P. S. priority function is read, and reply to messages with different accounts. For example: There are 10 commercial accounts. How to implement a message management in this way?

Thank you.
July 2nd 19 at 14:27
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July 2nd 19 at 14:29
The answer to Your question is in the question:
The connection to the accounts and services without API?

Than You HTTP Protocol, not the API? :) The behavior of the user, anyone, with any browser, etc. - can be completely yourself quietly to emulate that and make a bots and similar entities. And this applies not only to a particular website, in 99% of the sites at all.

You don't think the comment SPAM, real people send in their masses, and all sorts of "captcha" came up with to protect against people? :)
Thank you for your answer! Are experiencing difficulties due to the fact that access to these functions is carried out exclusively through the mobile app. Themselves to programming are irrelevant and wanted to order similar solution for themselves, however, there is no clear understanding which experts to ask how to specify a task in TK and how much it should cost. Can you ask the answer a bit more?

The challenge we have the following:
For example, there are 10 accounts in the service of Yula. Each account receives messages from potential customers. It is necessary to organize the management of these messages in one place. (To see all messages received on all accounts)
With the help of which implemented this functionality?
How hard can it be?
What is an adequate price for the implementation of such functionality?

Thank you. - Anabell commented on July 2nd 19 at 14:32
: If you want to let the Skype conversation (correspondence or voice, does not matter), it will be easier to solve the issue. But, if You have the option with Skype is fundamentally not happy, we can continue here (*contacts Skype is in my profile). - Salvado commented on July 2nd 19 at 14:35

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