What will happen to the behavioral factor, for example in the rejection of pagination?


Perhaps I have outdated information, but I recall that the behavioral factor is one of the key things for the search engine. And not only for search engine, for example the number of hits quite strongly influence the customer's decision whether to place the banner.

Decided to get rid of I such as "boring" pagination (from the point of view of user friendliness it seems to me, that's fine, and I prefer to support. Want to remove from a backend render the flour and do it on the frontend), but I have people online most of the actions does just turning the pages (the output of a large number of regularly changing information). Therefore due to the page transitions increases strongly the number of hits (and customers banners happy). And apparently it gives + to PF and the search engines happy too.

However, getting rid of this option, I will lose badly in the auditions and PF, or am I mistaken?
I would be grateful for opinions on this.
Thank you.
July 2nd 19 at 14:27
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July 2nd 19 at 14:29
Some are wrong because page views is not the only behavioral factor. Still have the CTR in the results, and IMHO the main - returns to the results.
Some of the presentations, the representatives of Yandex has said that more hits do not always equal the quality of the site because, ideally, the user should go to on one page what he needs and leave. There are sites whose specificity is only one page and everything, such as ordering a taxi. Judging by the logic, these sites should then be always at the bottom and they will not be able to climb up, and the sites which is banal there is no phone or contacts page and the user has rummaged around the site in search of this data will always be at the top.

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