Why the built-in Profiler FF does not respond to console.profileEnd()?

As FireBug dying the other day, climbed on the built-in developer tools in FF that cause terrible pain...
Trying to run profiling code, as usual (console.profile("tag"))- starts, but then on console.profileEnd() is not responsive at all... he writes himself, so
and most importantly, even the stop button no - I have nothing better to do as to switch the tab, Yes pens to write console.profileEnd()? :\
It can't be... I hope :) In chrome everything is OK but under FF I need to Polish the code ...
Who knows what the hell is this unknown?

Most importantly, if you put a setTimeout(()=>{console.profileEnd("test")}); for the Profiler is disabled then the handling of the eventloop'a, and one tick no:
console.profile("test");//starts and...
console.profileEnd("test");// ignore
July 2nd 19 at 14:28
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