How to get only the full match with the query in csv?

Good day!
Here is the code:
import csv

with open('test.csv', mode='r') as f:
 reader = csv.reader(f)
 for num, row in enumerate(reader):
 day = str(200)
 if day in row[0]:
 a = row[0].count("P")
 print(row[0], " --- ", a)

I need only the rows with the number "200". But get anything with the number "200".
Tried to do it through regex does not work..
200;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;O --- 8
200;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;P --- 13
2200;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;O --- 8
11200;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;O --- 8
57200;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;P;P;P;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;P --- 14
7720077;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;O --- 8
12005;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;P;P;O;O;P;P;O;O;P;P;P --- 13

Tell me how to only get my desired line?
Thank you!
July 2nd 19 at 16:54
1 answer
July 2nd 19 at 16:56
if you treat a squint through the anus, it
if day == row[0]

and if you solve the problem:
with open('test.csv') as f:

b=[x for x in a if x.startswith('200;')]

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