Is it possible to make a Hackintosh with AMD Radeon R9 380X?

For a long time, periodically tried to put Mac OS on a PC.
Tried a lot of distributions. But always errors.
I like to put with grief in half. But at the first launch, flew error. The last error was related to video card. This error googled a few days, but neither Russian, nor English could not find it. Found one site which mentioned the error strings, but the site is not loaded.

In General, the torment I have this Windows, and money on the original mac I have. I want to still like something to put a Hackintosh.
Those who have experience in installing Hackintosh, please help. Well, no I can't deliver. A bunch of sites I know, a bunch of videos reviewed. In the words of one, actually, it turns out more.
Could it be that all my computer configuration is not to put a Hackintosh?

Here are all the configs PC: Link to large size image.

Please tell me how to put a Hackintosh under this configuration?
July 2nd 19 at 16:58
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July 2nd 19 at 17:00
As I understand it - no. Because, judging by the Mat Board, which has the LGA 1155 socket, it is the Intel i-series, the second or third generation. Hackintosh will work, provided that the iron is as close to the iMac on the site - indicated that iMac's with the second generation stood Radeon s, but not RX, and HD 6XXX on iMac'Ah with the third generally GeForce's. Another question what CPU is installed. Perhaps there is some way, but it seems very specific. The only question is really whether there is hope that after installing Hackintosh suffering will go away? Their may be more.
July 2nd 19 at 17:02
I advise you to check specialized sites for the hack and ask: VK.

There is not sit the one you want.

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