Which algorithm of work with fonts in logos?

Friends. Please tell me...

For example, I have a client who persistently in the logo I want to use a commercial font.
What my actions as a designer,will be legally correct?

Option 1: I do NOT buy the font yourself, and draw him a logo with this font, translate into curves, give the client a layout + manual, where to buy font . Question: can I then use the work in your portfolio?

Option 2: I buy the font itself, make him a logo and pass it to the client for further use.

In the former Soviet Union is a few people worried, but the American market honestly scares me, because I'm afraid to get hit with legal trouble.

And generally not very clear with the license: it is clear that the use of the logo is commercial use. But commercial too different... if the client does not know specifically where in the future he plans to use this logo, what to do with the license?
July 2nd 19 at 17:00
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July 2nd 19 at 17:02
Usually the balance is as follows:
1. The designer (or Studio) buys a license in any case (the purchase price, of course, can include in the price of the order, but the license must be in your name).
2. If the logo is given to client only in the form of raster or curves is to buy a separate license to the client is not necessary. But if corporate style implies a further set of texts in this font - a separate license should be purchased and the client.
3. Further, the client needs to resolve such a situation as for example the use of this font on the website or mobile app. These are separate licenses and must be purchased separately. But you don't care anymore.

And you need to pay attention to the points:
a) the Price of a license for the designer and client can be different. If for example the designer, the freelancer and the client company. For example, Lebedev Studio corporate license several times more expensive than personal. But this is not always the case.
b) Some offices specify logos as a special case of the license for which you need to pay. In particular, ParaType it plus the price*3 (for a total of four times).

Although sometimes there are also "unlimited corporate" license. If your customer buys exactly the same, theoretically can save you from buying the personal license of the type to cling to his Corporation... But it's unlikely, because such Unlim-licenses are usually very expensive, they buy only the very large companies with a huge amount of advertising and promotional products.
July 2nd 19 at 17:04
To what is written above - just with the American market - a Supplement in the form of response to myfonts

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