Learn whether the institutions of the nerds?

I finished College on a speciality "the technician at the protection of information". The city at us small, 500 thousand people. The choice of educational institutions is small. I'm interested in everything that related to IT field especially server hardware.
I wanted to get a job as a system administrator and have run into a problem.
No tuning skills a lot that is required to companies for example: configuring routers, switches, domain controller, filling and repair of printers, network settings in Wmmanager, programming c#, c++, and some need 1C. In large companies ask for certificates such as Cisco need the certificate, and it is also not just to have a good command of English.
The question is: where gets mostly young system administrator main skills, I doubt that at the Institute, teaching the linux server, how to configure a cluster node and so on. (In a specialized and expensive may have, they can afford the equipment and so on. But to learn from them 200-300 thousands rubles per year). Basically, these institutions can be found in major cities.
I need to know where system administrators get the basic skills. P,s no friends, no place on probation do not take
July 2nd 19 at 17:21
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July 2nd 19 at 17:23
Looking for a internship/job in this it-need practice and only practice

At the Institute, you still will not get skills which you can immediately rrraz and will take, and you wonder about the "saskarnes the city for 500 thousand," I am in the beginning of his career had no trouble finding a job as a administrator in a city with a population in the 60tys, and even the money paid :)
July 2nd 19 at 17:25
Looking for a assistant sysadmin. View towns smaller as advised above. 500 thousand people is the capital of some region. Look at hh.ru. For example https://career.ru/vacancy/18686474
Take the free courses Kaspersky or dr web Link to course. upworkest.ru/besplatnye-sertifikaty-dlya-sisadminov
Go all the enterprises of the city, leave summary in OK.
July 2nd 19 at 17:27
System administrators Google, read books, go to courses. Approximately in that order.
And of course, learn English, without it, forget about IT.
Get the basic skills administration for something, arrange the trainee to the ISP.

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