Is there a plugin for Gulp, which removes unnecessary words and prefixes in the project?

Is there any library Gulp, which parses project files and remove certain words or prefix in all files?
July 2nd 19 at 17:22
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July 2nd 19 at 17:24
what about the word do not know. but the usual autoprefixer able to remove the prefixes. for example, if you run it with the settings "last 20 versions" - it will put a lot of prefixes. and then run it with "last 3 versions" with the setting "remove" is true, then he will remove those that are put down when it was 20
it does not remove certain prefixes and will simply overwrite the entire file. - Durward_Osinski commented on July 2nd 19 at 17:27
: he is going to delete the prefixes in the thread that will come to the entrance, and pass it on. And then it can be even hundreds of plugins, and none of them will touch the file on disk. And overwrite the file is already help. This chip its performance - everything is done in memory, no intermediate writes to disk. - Lulu_Zulauf71 commented on July 2nd 19 at 17:30
You probably not correctly understood the question. I have a template ready. But there is a brand prefixes of the names of the selectors of the type fh5co-header-section, fh5co-nav-toggle that awful unreadable. Simple mass replays of the files index.html and style.scss did not help, the page razpolzlis. I suspect that they are in other files there. here we need to remove them, even in a separate folder. - Hershel_R commented on July 2nd 19 at 17:33
July 2nd 19 at 17:26
I found gulp-replace
Besides, it is not batch. The same one file. - Durward_Osinski commented on July 2nd 19 at 17:29

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