1C how to change all values of one column in a table Item?

1C: Enterprise 8.3. Tried to change the values of the column "VAT Rate" in the table "Item" with "Without VAT", for lack of groups and work with the whole column, I decided to write a script, the value of the column was obtained, and the number of records + the value that you need to write, but was faced with the following: the function Write(); complains about the lack of a method or something.

Here is the listing:
Procedure Ostrovityanova()
Request = New Request;
Request.Text = "CHOOSE
| Item.Stalkings AS СтавкаНДС1,
| Item.Stalkings.Link
| Item.Stalkings.Order
| Directory.Nomenclature AS Nomenclature

Sample=Request.The run().Unload();
//Techsatish = Reference.Item.Conditionedusage();

For each Row of the Sampling Cycle
Document = String;
Document.СтавкаНДС1 = Enums.Stalkings.Beznds;
To Inform(Document.СтавкаНДС1);



How to update/save/write this poor "Without VAT" in all column fields ?
Before that, never worked with 1C and documentation adequate to find did not work
July 2nd 19 at 17:38
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July 2nd 19 at 17:40
A quick decision. Run group treatment manuals and documents (treatment, which is in all standard configurations in the normal and in the managed versions of the interfaces), click the type of directory item, apply if necessary a selection and change the value of props for all elements.

The way of the programmer. Need a query to select properties VAT rate of the reference item and references to the dictionary elements (with a selection that is not a group). Further, for a sample of request the link get the object that replaces the VAT rate and record back into the database. Looks like this:
Query = New Query("Select Link From The Directory.Nomenclature Where no Atograph");
Sample = Request.The run().Select();
While Sampling.Next() Loop
 Product = Sample.Link.Poluchelovek();
 Product.Stalkings = Enums.Stalkings.Beznds; 

And what You wrote?
You select the properties item (most likely they all have the same = 18%) and then work with an array of identical information. Because your variable Sampling is Cableconnected, the values of the field СтавкаНДС1 you can easily override (a pointless exercise given the fact that after the procedure the table will be deleted from memory).
Next, invoke a method on the context to Write() - which is defined inside the object module and the module of the form element for the data objects. In the case of work inside a form element reference of the item you will be able to record the current element, but you likely work in process and in context of this method the default no - so I get the error.
thank you so much, Dmitry! You are right, I wrote the perfect nescotech, because they do not understand how the code works 1C and no documentation. Already thought will have to import database from 1C in SQL to make the necessary changes and return it back - Trisha.Kemmer38 commented on July 2nd 19 at 17:43
: briefly and without "yellow books", then check out this page on the website 1C - v8.1c.ru/overview/Term_000000641.htm?printversion=1 and then this article howknow1c.ru/programmirovanie-1c/tri-modeli-predst... - Modesto28 commented on July 2nd 19 at 17:46
July 2nd 19 at 17:42
Complement Dmitry, that You have a substitution of concepts. Reference Items is one entity, and one of the attributes of this entity "Stalkings" - essentially a reference to another entity.

Imagine You have two tables:
1. Person[Id, Name, Gender] - here is the field "Gender" is a Foreign Key to the table of the sexes #2
2. Gender[id, Name]

The task is to rewrite a person's gender. You just sorted out the items in the table "Gender" without regard to the desired table elements "Man".

And then Dmitry has told.

Ie, you need to start from, you need to overwrite the entity element "Reference.Range", respectively, and the link needed for her to choose and work with her.
how are the table in principle, you know, I worked with DBMS phpMyAdmin, but 1C has introduced me to a screeching halt - Trisha.Kemmer38 commented on July 2nd 19 at 17:45

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