How to sew in a disk OverProvisioning?

Good day, I bought a Samsung EVO 1TB drive under SQL server, as they say saved.. With prolonged use, the speed quite frankly generally not so hot, 1000 IOPS and a constant queue of the disk prior to this was a server Intel, but he died.
After googling and having received read that you can try to put OverProvisioning, now I looked at the same disc utility Samsung Magitian, the OP at all. Exhibited he's just making a logical drive less than the physical capacity, but the problem is that I have all the disks in the server through hardwarei RAID plugged in and it uses all the space available on the disk.
It is possible to flash this OP to hardwarea Reid saw not the whole disk capacity? Hardway RAID LSI 9260-8i. Another question - if I create a RAID in it and won't use half of the space on the virtual disk OP will work? But if do the same using Intel RST?
July 2nd 19 at 17:44
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