Is there a default symbol path WinDBG?

Hi all. Decided to read the documentation for WinDBG. This one:

And found it interesting. If you enter ".sympath srv*", like WinDBG begins to use the default url that will rock the characters. Well, if you believe what you read in the help about the output results of the command:
Expanded Symbol search path is: cache*;SRV*

But I have nothing going on. The Url does not appear.
So two questions:
1. What actually needs doing ".sympath srv*"? (That there it is possible to enter the url and local path where to cache the symbols, I know, I want to understand exactly the meaning of the asterisk).
2. Is it possible somehow to force WinDBG to use the default url (, so that each time not to recall (immediately after installation).

That is, if there is some short magic of the "srv*", then I would like to know :)
July 2nd 19 at 17:58
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