What is the difference of offline payments, it payments online?

Is there a specific classification offline and online payments? What fees and charges can be considered offline and which are online? When looking for the answer to this question on the Internet, saw many different formulations and different online payments offline payments, but they are all very different and sometimes contradict each other.
Here, for example, can be considered payment by credit card through a POS terminal via nfc, for example, through Paypass, online payment? Our Internet access is not required, we do not produce will go directly to the store and make the purchase when the real contact, but I when you pay there is a connection of banks, including the reservation of funds and the receipt of payment, i.e., payment from this point of view is obtained online.
Is it possible to call a payment where the buyer does not need Internet access, offline? Or offline is the payment that occurs when a real meeting with a seller? Or offline is the payment when there is no instantaneous communication between the banks, that is, when there is no instant withdrawal of funds and confirmation of purchase (when the terminal is not immediately drawn to the Bank of the Issuer)?
I would like to have a clear understanding of the differences between these concepts, if any.
Sorry if I made some mistakes due to ignorance of the procedure for conducting banking operations or technology.
July 2nd 19 at 18:01
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