How to organize the localization Cordova apps?

A question about Cordova/Phonegap apps. I have not found in the official. documentation or online in General, a clear single solution about the localization of such applications. Why have a number of questions.

  1. The name and description of the application. Where and how is configured? If you need to collect for each language a separate app and publish it seperately? If not, how to solve this issue? Search for iOS brought me to a kind .plist file for the locale that you specify directly, bypassing Cordova's in platforms/ios. As for android-and then I did found nothing. This is configured in the web interface when posting and not pulled out of the apk archive? In General, there is some cordova is a way to solve this problem?
  2. Is there any common system resources (aka strings, images, etc.) for Cordova apps? Or it is assumed that the web is the web, so here is a zoo of solutions, take what you want or write your own? In other words, all are farmed out already most web application and not the platform?
  3. I found among of.docks like this plugin: cordova-plugin-globalization. Provides a range of asynchronous (OO) methods to get the format of date, currency, current language id, etc. is Helpful, but not enough. This is all basic stuff?
July 2nd 19 at 18:08
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