Yandex SpeechKit how to make with a Raspberry Pi?

On walking the information networks that it is still possible, but requires a connection to the SpeechKit Cloud, because, in fact, there just sent out pieces of audio recordings. Ie, moreover, that the charge, and a fast and stable Internet connection is required.

Salt in the fact that the cloud detection - as I understand, the thing is very even, unlike, for example, SpeechKit Mobile SDK where for free you can send up to 10K requests / day. The feature of this thing is that it is for iOS, Android and WP ( curve ), but not at RPi!

Where a reasonable question: how to make mobile sdk with the RPi?
In the case of spike solution, is there any emulator( because the full set, as I understand - it's too much, and this axis eats a lot of resources) Android on that Board ?
Or is there any way to use the sdk for Android.. without Android given the fact that the architecture of the target CPU has arnova ?
July 2nd 19 at 18:15
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July 2nd 19 at 18:17
ahem, what do you mean by RPi? The RPi is a computer, i.e. a piece of hardware and iOS, Android, and WP is the OS.

You want SDK potocco? under a piece of metal? SDK normally there is some political platform.
And so judging by the description this is a HTTP API with a detailed description of why you are not satisfied?
Oh well. I don't know..
Moreover, it is not simple. computer and armony ( ie, kagbe closer to mobile devices than to classical computers)

According to the description of Yandex(, multi-platform library, however, made for specific Axes:
1. iOS - is likely to ObjC. Distributed as a ready package under IOS and XCode
2. Android is distributed in the form of an aar package
3. WP - as a NuGet package.

In the case of raspberries:
1st option disappears - on the Internet still walking infa-level tales and rumors, but so far nobody has managed to put her IOS.
Version 2 - real, BUT Android eats too much resources, in addition, and the library itself they are very good. even need( a function of voice activation, as I understand, works on the client). In the case of relatively limited resources of the raspberry, it is theoretically real, but it is absolutely the worst solution.
3rd option - on the raspberries can be put Win10 IoT, but it's not WP, it's - Win10 IoT with the web interface.

I do not like that cloud, moreover, that has no possibility of so-called "voice activation" on the client, requires permanent fast and stable Internet and gives an understandable delay in several. seconds, so she is NOT free unlike mobile! Free only the first month of work. - Jerod_Wintheiser commented on July 2nd 19 at 18:20
: actually I have a somewhat discouraged because I am somewhat discouraged by your view of "what is rpi" :) however a couple of comments even so will Express

>on the Internet is still walking infa-level tales and rumors, but so far nobody has managed to put her IOS.
Moreover, IOS nobody managed to install anywhere except iPhones (iPads, iPods) and is working on this process purely Apple

>it is not simple. computer and armony
What's the difference what's the architecture? put him full-fledged Linux, and inside it absolutely vseravno what to write program, even in C, though on php though on the Python, it is quite a regular computer - aliya.Miller82 commented on July 2nd 19 at 18:23
: well, srach - srach so..

"walks infa-level tales and rumors" - talking about ordinary teams fans, trying to pick open the ayos and collect the required iron. In this case, it is not specifically about raspberries. Well, someone wants to itself the microwave with iOS :)))
Moreover, one does not contradict - their progress is now somewhere near zero, therefore, "in the tales and rumors" because besides able, practically it's not possible to anybody.

To call( both orally and in writing) fee, using as a primary, mobile percents ( architecture, significantly different from x86) , "a completely normal computer," neither the language nor the hand does not turn.

Perhaps sracha enough. Expect answers "on the merits" - Jerod_Wintheiser commented on July 2nd 19 at 18:26

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